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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
Cláudia Andréa Prata Ferreira é Professora Doutora - Categoria: Associado IV - do Setor de Língua e Literatura Hebraicas do Departamento de Letras Orientais e Eslavas da Faculdade de Letras da UFRJ.



sexta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2008

The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies - Eighteenth Annual Conference

Call For Papers

The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies will be holding its Eighteenth Annual Conference
August 3 -5, in Phoenix , Arizona.

We invite papers on crypto-Judaism from any discipline (e.g., anthropology, history, sociology, philosophy, literature , music, etc.) and from any geographic location or time period. We also welcome papers on other aspects of the Sephardic experience and other communities whose historical or sociological experience is similar to that of the crypto-Jewish community. All interested scholars and professionals, including advanced graduate students, are invited to submit proposals for papers, presentations or workshops.

Proposals are also welcome from individuals with personal stories and genealogical or other esearch relating to crypto-Judaism Proposals may be for individual papers/presentations or for complete sessions on specific topics.

Proposals must include a 200-word abstract and a brief bio.

Please send proposals or inquiries to Seth Kunin:

Proposal Deadline: June 5, 2008

Professor S D Kunin
Executive Dean, Arts and Humanities Durham University

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